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How to do when whitening after grouting few days

How to do when whitening after grouting few days

2021-03-15 09:57:37

Recently, many partners ask how to do when whitening after grouting few days? Ceramic tile grout damp will become white, like the surface is covered with a layer of white film, so it is very affecting beauty. So, how to deal with the whitening of the tile grout? The following flexible tile grout additive manufacturer will provide you with the treatment method of whitening due to moisture of sealant.

The main component of grout is epoxy resin, curing agents and pigments, and other environmentally friendly additives. Epoxy resin in contact with water will lead to a chemical reaction, which will affect the color of the pigment, generally shown as dark, white or directly become transparent.



When the tile grout damp before it is fully cured, it will also whiten, which needs to be reworked. When the construction is carried out, the construction environment needs to be kept dry, so as to avoid whitening or drying.

1. When the continuous rainy season comes, we must pay attention to keep the room dry, reduce the moisture content of the air, use some appliances with drying and dehumidifying effect such as air conditioning in advance, which can properly solve the problem of humidity in the room.

2. the construction should pay attention to seal the window, the floating ash in the joint to clean up, otherwise there will be intermittent whitening phenomenon after curing. High air humidity will cause the surface bright film to be blurred after curing, and the color is not easy to show, and the overall color will be very dim.



3. From the end of the construction in rainy or rainy season to the tile grout curing using warm air, has been open, keeping the room dry to prevent moisture absorption and white in the curing process.

4. In addition, after the construction must be inspected on the same day, to reduce the trouble in the later period.